Pest Control (Domestic and Commercial)

With founding roots going back 40 years, we offer a complete range of guaranteed pest control services for all types of businesses and the public.

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pest control

  • Certified Pest Management (for Restaurants, Bars, Take-a-Ways)
  • Service Contracts (for pest control in and around all buildings and businesses)
  • Rat Control (weils disease)
  • Mouse Control
  • Bed Bug Treatments (spraying for bed bugs, getting rid of bed bugs, heat treatment for bed bugs)
  • Flea Control (getting rid of fleas, flea treatments, spraying for fleas)
  • Biting Insects, Crawling Insects, Stored Product Insects
  • Wasp Nest Removal
  • Seagull Control, Seagull Cages, Chimney Cages
  • Pigeon Control, Bird Netting, Bird Spikes, Bird Free Gel
  • Conservation Netting
  • Woodworm
  • Ticks (lymes disease)
  • Fly Killers (supplied and fitted)
  • Fly Screens (supplied and fitted)
  • ATP Testing for food and cleanliness standards